Interesting facts about CBD

CBD Facts
CBD or cannabidiol is being talked about by everyone these days, and for a good reason. It is a natural revelation with a host of benefits to your health. So far, there has been anecdotal evidence, clinical trials, and literature reviews that highlight the numerous benefits of CBD. Unfortunately, or fortunately, the science community has only managed to scratch the surface on all of the good things that CBD can do. If you are beginning to learn about this fantastic cannabis compound, then you are in the right place. We compiled some of the most interesting facts about CBD that will blow your mind away.

Hemp was used as early as 2700 BC

Hemp has been in use for more than 10,000 years and was among the first plants to be domesticated. The early uses of hemp were to make clothing, paper, ropes, and shoes. Seeds, on the other hand, were utilized as food and medicine. Hemp is currently the primary source of the purest form of CBD.

Cannabis and hemp are the two best sources of CBD

The amount of THC and CBD varies widely between different plants. Hemp has the highest concentration of CBD and has less than 0.3% THC. On the other hand, cannabis has the highest level of THC and a low concentration of CBD. Growers are now able to cultivate cannabis sativa plants with a specific concentration of different compounds.

CBD is just one of the Ingredients

Most people confuse CBD with THC, but the two compounds are completely different from each other. CBD and THC are just two of the hundreds of compounds in the marijuana plant. They are practically siblings. Despite this fact, the two cannabis compounds have entirely different effects on the brain. For instance, THC has psychoactive effects, which is the high associated with smoking a joint. But it is different from CBD. When you take CBD, you will not get high. You may feel relaxed and less anxious, but that is entirely different from the high associated with THC. in fact, CBD may have a high-reducing effect when consumed together with THC.

Cannabidiol does not bind to CB1 receptors

CBD interacts with CB1 receptors to bring about the benefits such as pain management. It also interacts with CB2 receptors found in your body systems such as immunity for reduced inflammation and relaxation. However, the action of cannabidiol is quite different from that of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. While THC bind to the CB1 receptors, CBD does not, and hence the different effects. This fact is actually what makes CBD non-psychoactive. It means that you will not get high from consuming CBD. Well, this is also the reason why CBD and THC have opposite effects on the body.

CBD works naturally in your brain and body

CBD, along with other compounds in the cannabis Sativa plant, interacts with your body naturally. The compound works with the cannabinoid receptors that are naturally present in the central nervous system and brain of animals. However, cannabinoid receptors are not the only receptors that CBD interacts with. Scientists are just beginning to understand the working of CBD and other cannabinoids in your body. The other receptors included in the list of those that work with CBD are adenosine receptors, serotonin receptors, and vanilloid receptors. The implication of this is better management of pain and other conditions, which is good news for everyone.

You cannot overdose on CBD

According to research, the human body can tolerate high amounts of CBD. It is not toxic, and you cannot get high from consuming a lot of it. However, it is always good to take the recommended doses for optimum benefits.

You can consume CBD through different methods

You can take CBD oil through different methods that include Vaping, sublingual consumption, capsules, edibles, and in foods and drinks. It is also becoming a trend to add CBD in the ingredients of foods and beverages in top restaurants.

Helps block the additive effects of other drugs

In research done on animal models in 2013, scientists found that CBD can block the addictive effects of some pain-relieving medication such as morphine. In particular, CBD reduced the pleasure associated with morphine, making it less attractive for consumption. The reward associated with consuming the drug decreased significantly. In one report, it was found that the States with medical marijuana programs had up to 25% reduction in opioid overdose. Patients that used medical cannabis, which naturally has high CBD content, used fewer opioid painkillers than those who did not use medical marijuana.

It has both a sedating and energizing effect

Interestingly, higher doses of CBD produce a sedating effect and can help insomniacs. However, low doses of CBD create an energizing effect. You become more productive by eliminating daytime sleepiness.

Can be a more effective antidepressant

A whole lot of recent studies show that CBD can be quite effective with a variety of ailments. Among the conditions include depression. The traditional treatment for depression includes counselling and medication, and these methods can take time. In contrast, the antidepressant characteristic of CBD works immediately. And unlike conventional medicines, CBD does not have withdrawal symptoms and is not habit-forming.

CBD can help if you are nervous

If you become nervous every time you go in front of a crowd, CBD may help. In one 2011 study, a single dose of CBD was found to ease the nerves of a group prepared to speak publicly. The treatment was enough to reduce cognitive impairment, anxiety, and overall discomfort of a group living with a social anxiety disorder.

CBD can be beneficial for pets

It is not just human beings who can enjoy the benefits of CBD, but pets as well. CBD for pets products is growing in popularity because of the various benefits. For example, veterinarians are finding that CBD can reduce arthritis pain, among other conditions. Giving your animals CBD oil potentially enhances the quality of their life. Your pets become happier, and they can overcome the ravages of various diseases that affect them, especially in old age.


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